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      A:Hey Sophia, how are you doing?

      B: Hi, Bob。 I’m good, thanks。 Actually, I’m on holiday with my family in Thailand at the moment, although I wish it were with my friends instead。

      A: Really? You never said you are going to Thailand。 How I envy you !

      B: I’ve only been in here a week, but you know Thailand is an amazing place, I’m having a great time here。 In fact, I’m now lying on the beach in Phuket。 I’ve been in the sun for around 15 minutes only, and I’m already getting sun burnt。 Have you been here before?

      A: No, I wish I had。 What else have you been doing in Thailand besides enjoying the sun?

      B: Well,I met a guy from Germany yesterday。 He showed me around the office that he works at。 Then I met many volunteer teachers who are mainly young people from Europe。

      A: Ahh, that’s interesting。

      B: Yes。 I also made a new little friend, Sarah。 She was so cute。 I was so sad that we were to leave at the end of the day。 If I ever come back to Thailand, I’d definitely visit this place again, as a volunteer。

      A: Well, you can tell me all about it when you get back。 My phone battery is almost dead now。 Remember to get me something from the souvenir shops。 I like to collect bits and pieces from different parts of the world。 Bye now, enjoy yourself Sophia。

      B: Bye。

      Q8: What does the woman say she is doing now?

      Q9: What did the woman do yesterday?

      Q10: Why does the man have to end the conversation?

      Q11: Why does the man ask the woman to bring him something from Thailand?


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