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      As is portrayed in the picture, a boiling hotpot contains various forms of both domestic and alien cultures. The hodgepodge could be categorized as a mixture of literature, moral values and performing arts. It reveals to us that our modern culture is complicated and diverse。

      I cannot help relating this picture to reality and wondering why this happened in reality. For one thing, the globalization has made it possible that the cultures from all over the world can meet and mix together and we can enjoy the benefits of alien cultures without going abroad.  For another, the harmonious coexistence between the traditions and modern cultures gives us a rich identity and spiritual wealth. What is right attitude we should take toward the phenomenon? First of all, we should get lost in face of the diverse cultures and values. We must remember we must preserve our own national and local cultures in which we take root. Secondly, in the mixture of cultures and values we must learn to distinguish the good from the harmful. We should absorb the nutritious good cultures and values but at the same time we must defend ourselves against the danger of being polluted by the bad cultures and values。


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